I’ve drifted away from a lot of people.


I didn’t intentionally do it but it just kinda happened. I lost communication with certain friends, and I became more independent. I’m just trying to look out for myself now. Trying to not get attached to certain people because it might hurt me in the future. Sure life’s about taking risks but theres also a point in life where you get tired of getting hurt. Tired of trying. Just tired of everything. I’m just trying to live life happily.

(via jackitruong)

Just like a party, enjoy while you can cause when the time comes… Everyone leaves.

When I first met you
I knew it was the beginning of something new.
We would talk all day and all night,
Help each other face our toughest fight.
You was like my family,
I could tell you anything, everything carelessly.
But then you left me,
Didn’t even bother to look back
Acting as if I was jack.
You left me here,
Sitting and waiting in tears.
Well now I’ve grown up,
And all my tears have dried up.
Fuck you and your choice,
I don’t ever fucking wanna hear your voice.
You’re like a shirt stain,
I just wanna get you out of my brain.
Yeah, let’s see if your friend
Would stick with you till the fucking end.
I would always had your back
Even when no one gave a fuck!
So now that you realize,
That all your friends are just lies.
Don’t come running back to me,
I wouldn’t care even if you was on your knee.

What if I told you the truth now..

What would you say?

I swear I cannot get you out of my head, you’re like that bloody fly that tends to fly across my face from time to time…